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Doctor Andrew Burbanks

Studies of superfluidity in liquid Helium


I am a researcher in the Nonlinear & Complex Systems Group and Research Coordinator for the Department of Mathematics. MORE

A Julia Set; a geometric shape from Dynamical Systems Theory


My research is focussed on Dynamical Systems. In particular, on transport phenomena. MORE

A Space filling curve


My teaching is at present focussed on Financial Mathematics and Computational Mathematics. MORE

A simulation of a cluster of interacting particles

Public Engagement

Over several years, I have been involved in a variety of projects on public engagement with Science. MORE 

Funding / Grants Obtained

  • £67k - University of Portsmouth, 2011.
    Principal Investigator.
    Project: Self-trapping and transport in networks of nonlinear oscillators, Faculty of Technology University of Portsmouth PhD Bursary.
  • £10k - Leverhulme Trust, 2003.
    Principal Investigator.
    Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence Programme Residency for sculptor, collaboration time, and materials. Included research on constructing cell complexes on high-dimensional manifolds.
  • £1k - University of Loughborough, 1995.
    Principal Investigator.
    John Phillips Travelling Scholarship. Funded visiting researcher post at Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico. Project on evolving algorithms for global computation in cellular automata.

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